We are always having new ideas to make out dreams come true and support more young people, but sometimes the financial resources are not enough to implement our activities.

The work we put into the association is solely volunteer work and, we need everyone’s contributions! If you believe in our goals and have the chance to support our project, send us a message so we can thank you personally and tell you about the future of your donation and its impact in the Youth Cluster and in the youth communities that we support.


+351 918 433 459

Bank Transfer

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The Future of Your Donation

At the moment we are an online platform and all the work we do is focused on supporting young people through meetings and activities, offering free counseling to help them taking more conscious decisions about their future. We also do a lot of research to keep our website updated and we are in contact with national and international partners to increase our impact. One part of your donation will be used to maintain the Youth Cluster’s platform, the costs from sessions and meetings.

Not every donation will be used right away, since we are always thinking about the future of the Youth Cluster, therefore part of your donation will be saved to use in future projects, such as events, meetings, trainings, employability campaigns, national and international projects.

Every donation allows us to develop more activities and every activity allows us to be closer to our goal – supporting young people, in order to create a more inclusive society, where everyone has access to the same opportunities!