About us

The Youth Cluster is a platform created by a group of students, interns and volunteers who were facing the high youth unemployment rates and a competitiveness within the jobs market. To solve these challenges, we have found alternatives that do not contribute to workers exploitation, such as unpaid internships and, after some research and multiple applications, we started taking part in financed programmes that allowed us to acquire professional experience, get to know other cultures and support local communities.

Our founding group wanted to share these opportunities with other young people and, to reach this goal, we started by building this platform in Portuguese, where we announce opportunities, such as youth exchanges, training courses, volunteer activities, internships, contests and much more.

Considering that most of these opportunities are available for other nationalities, we decided to translate the platform to English and now we have to goal to adapt with programmes available in each European country. If you work in a youth association and would like to be part of our project, do not hesitate to contact us!


Advise and share opportunities that contribute for young people’s personal and professional development.


An inclusive society, where every young person has the tools to be an active citizen within the community.


We promote social inclusion, multiculturalism, cooperation, resilience and participation.