We are constantly updating our platform and making our team grow, in order to create a network of changemakers. If you have some free time and want to contribute to our project with your skills and interests, you can join us!

We know how difficult it is to have time to do everything we want to do, so we accept all kinds of help. For example, if you have time to inform us about an opportunity that we don’t have it on our platform yet, send us a message so that we can add that information to the platform; if you would like to write a text about a national or international experience, send it so that our communication team can add it on the website and so that other young people can learn from you and, if you know people who can benefit from this platform, share it with them!

All these actions allow us to improve our work and to be closer of reaching our goal, however if you have more time and would like to collaborate with us more often, we also have this possibility.


Do you like writing and managing social media channels?


Would you like to spread our message to young people?


Do you want to advise young people choosing opportunities?


Unfortunately we still don’t have the financial capacity to cover the costs that you may have when volunteering with us. We are against unfunded opportunities, since they are not inclusive, therefore we only accept volunteers that collaborate a few hours. We hope that, in the future, we have some extra funds to receive volunteers and cover your costs.

The benefits you will have with us consist of constant contact with a team that knows various international opportunities and that will inform you about everything first hand, priority in the selection for youth exchanges and international trainings, but you will also get support and advice to carry out your own projects