The Workaway platform aims to create a community of travelers who want to leave a positive mark on the communities that host them, through volunteering in exchange for accommodation and food. This platform creates an alternative so volunteers do not have to pay to agencies to volunteer, since in these cases, most of the profit goes to the agency and not to the communities that need it most. Thus, the platform only puts volunteers in contact with the organisations, families and companies that are available to participate in this cultural exchange programme.


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All participants over the age of 18 can volunteer, however some hosts ask for volunteers of specific age groups, especially if the project requires experience in a certain area. Younger volunteers can also participate in the program, as long as they are accompanied by their guardian, for example, in some projects it is possible to volunteer with the family and as a family.



The duration of each volunteer project is quite variable, as the hosts define the minimum and maximum duration they accept, however this period can be negotiated with the volunteers, as well as the daily working hours. It is important to highlight that, as an exchange program, the hours are usually part-time.


Destinations and Hosts

Volunteering opportunities are spread across all countries, from capitals to rural areas, which means that the type of work is also very variable. Some volunteers work in hotels, farms, family homes, schools, among many other places. Overall there are options for all tastes!


Costs and Support

To have access to Workaway platform, it is necessary to pay a membership fee of 39€ for one person or 49€ for two people, per year. Both options allow to access opportunities around the world either traveling alone or together. This anual fee allows the maintenance of the platform and having a team fully available to support volunteers and hosts.

The hosts are responsible for offering accommodation and food to the volunteers, however it is possible to have some extras, such as bicycles and even receive monetary support for the service. Every detail is specific in each call for volunteers.



The platform allows everyone to find the different entities that receive volunteers, however it is necessary to create an account and pay the annual fee to have access the specific location and contact the host.


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