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The Erasmus Mundus consists of an international study programme that aims to promote mobility of students and staff, in order to improve the quality of higher education. It offers multi-disciplinary Master’s that count with academic cooperation between students and universities from around the world. Erasmus Mundus allows students to undertake periods of study at different universities, based in the programme and partner countries.


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Erasmus Mundus’ applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree and have the intention to integrate a Master’s degree. The programme allows applicants from all countries to join these courses, however if a student has two nationalities, it will be necessary to choose which one to apply with, taking into account that a greater number of scholarships is offered to students from partner countries, but for this, the applicant cannot be residing for more than 12 months in the last 5 years in a programme country.



Studies through the Erasmus Mundus programme have a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months. The study programmes are equivalent to 60, 90 or 120 ECTS.



Each degree has already defined the countries where Erasmus Mundus’ students can spend each semester, that is, there is not much choice and it is important to confirm this information when researching and applying for courses.

The programme defines as a rule that students have to choose at least two universities from different countries and there is also the possibility of studying, doing an internship or research in a country that they is not part of the study programme. However fot this possibility, the coordinators have to aprove the request.

It should be added that students can take part in the Master’s degree in their country of residence, but in these situations, financial support is suspended.



The number of grants awarded is limited and there are many candidates each year. It is important to highlight that at least 75% of the scholarships are awarded to candidates from partner countries, and the rest to programme countries (Member States, North Macedonia, Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Serbia). Applicants must be accepted to join the course and, later, they will be informed if they were accepted to receive a scholarship. It is also possible to join Erasmus Mundus without receiving financial support.

Each scholarship includes several grants that aim to cover the costs of participation. The tuition fees and insurance are completely covered. Regarding travel, each student can receive one of the following amounts – in 1000€ / year for residents in programme countries, 2000€ for residents in partner countries located up to a distance less than 4000 km from the coordinating institution and and 3000€ / year if the distance exceeds 4000 km. All the students from partner countries also receive 1000 € extra for installation costs. Every month, for the entire duration of the course, the students approved to receive a grant receive a €1000 scholarship.



Each course has a different application process, so it is necessary to visit the official platform to find out which courses have open applications and how to proceed.

Regarding dates, most degrees require to apply between October and January for courses starting in the following academic year.

Erasmus Mundus

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