On this page you can find programmes and contestes for young entrepreneurs. If you already have an idea, the desire to start your own business or you are already implementing your business, you should explore these opportunities. Taking part in these programmes and contests will put you in contact with other entrepreneurs and specialists from different areas that can support with business development.

If you entered this page, but you still don’t have a business idea, you should know that being an entrepreneur is easier than it sounds and, some courses can put you on the right path. Some of these programmes offer funding, which will allow you to fully dedicate your energy to develop your business idea. The contests are a great option to get recognition from your work and to get to know other innovative ideas.

Programmes for Entrepreneurs

It is not very easy to be a young entrepreneur, since most of the times we have lots of ideas, but lack of resources, funding and experience. For these reasons we aim to put you in contact with institutions and programmes that have the capacity to address these challenges.

On an European level, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs allows you to acquire knowledge and tools so that you can implement or improve your business. During your stay abroad you will collaborate with an host entrepreneur for up to six months, while receiving financial support throughout the programme’s duration. You are free to choose the host entrepreneur, as long as the requirements are met and the exchange is based in a participating country. If you are curious about this option, you should check it out bellow.

On a national level, probably your home country also has funds and programmes that promote youth entrepreneurship, specially if you are part of an EU country, since this is one of the big priorities of the European Commission. Bellow you can consult Enterprise Europe Network to find your national contact points who will know about available opportunities for young entrepreneurs in your home country.

Taking part in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs doesn’t prevent you from taking part in opportunities on a national level, so you can integrate both at different times and have more time and resources to invest in your business!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Through this programme young entrepreneurs can live abroad between 1 and 6 months and collaborate with an experienced entrepreneur who has already started his/her business.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network gathers multiple contact points on a national level, both in and outside EU. These contact points have information about funding opportunities and programmes.

Contests for Entrepreneurs

Contests for entrepreneurs are essential in the different stages of business development, since they allow the exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs, to create a network of like-minded people, to improve your project through training and financial support, among others benefits.

We believe that an entrepreneur has to search frequently about the opportunities that arise, so we have gathered some annual contests and we are frequently trying to find new opportunities to keep the Youth Cluster platform updated. We will share everything in our Facebook, so follow us!

World Summit Awards

Applications Closed

This contest is for projects that have already been implemented as a response to the Sustainable Development Goals. All applicants should have projects in in the field of digital innovation.

Entrepreneurship Campus

Applications Closed

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is for young entrepreneurs and adults who have innovative solutions capable of answering to the multiple societal challenges.

Global Changemakers

Applications Closed

The Global Changemakers platform includes several opportunities throughout the year such as courses, podcasts, mentoring, conferences, the Global Youth Summit, among many others.

F.A.Q Entrepreneurship

Can I take part in these programmes even if I don’t start a business?

Yes, some of these programs, such as, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs allow you to start your business idea, however it is not mandatory to start a business after taking part in a mobility period.

Can I take part in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs if I am not young?

Yes, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has no age limit!

I want to learn more about entrepreneurship, are there any courses?

It depends on the type of entrepreneurship, but there are free online courses on the topic.

I know about a contest that has not been announced in your page, can I share?

Of course, we need everyone’s support and if you know competitions or programmes, contact us so we can update everything!

I took part in a contest, can I share and my experience in the Youth Cluster?

Yes! We appreciate that you want to share your experience, please send us message with your articles/ photos/ video.

I already started my business, can I take part in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Yes, if you started your business less than 3 years ago you can take part as a new entrepreneur, but if your buisness is older than 3 years, you can be a host entrepreneurs.