National Internships

Depending on the country you are living, the local government might have some support measures to fight youth unemployment on a national level. Considering that this information is very different between countries, bellow we list some option available and promoted by the European Commission for European countries. In case you are not coming from an EU country, we advise you to contact the unemployment centre in your home country.

Paid Internships

The European Commission has in place different programmes and initiatives in order to fight youth unemployment and offer paid and inclusive opportunities. In multiple countries youth unemployment rates are increasing and highly qualified youngsters are offered unpaid internship opportunities with promises to find a job after. All our choices have an impact maintaining or changing the status quo.

Bellow we gathered the initiatives implemented in each European country to support tacking unemployment.

National Employment

Every European country has a public employment services. These are the authorities responsible to connect jobseekers with employers. In the page bellow it is possible to identify the PES of each country and with their support, citizens will be able to find a suitable programme or opportunity to work within national borders.

Youth Guarantee

The Youth Guarantee is aimed at European citizens under 26 years old who are NEET. In the page bellow it is possible to identify which Youth Guarantee scheme in in place in each European country. The objective of this network is to support young people finding a suitable education or job, within the time span of 4 months.

ESC Projects

The European Solidarity Corps extended the action of the European Volunteer Service within national borders. Currently young people can take part in an ESC financed volunteer, traineeship or job experience within her/his home country. Besides that there are also international opportunities announced in the ESC platform.

F.A.Q Sobre Estágios Nacionais

I am not from the EU, which options are there for me?

In this page you will only find opportunities available for European citizens, nevertheless we announce some opportunities available for citizen from outside the EU.

I am studying and I want to do an internship.

We advise you to contact your Public Employment Services as they might know about opportunities. You can as well use the traditional approach and search in companies websites, LinkedIn, among others.

If I take part in an ESC volunteering project on a national level, can I after take part in another internationally?

You can only do one short-term and another long-term ESC volunteering. The internships and jobs through ESC have no limit.

I want to work short term to put into practice the knowledge from university. Which is the best option?

These opportunities are more for long term, but you can do a ESC traineeship, for example.