Job Shadowing

The job shadowing opportunities are part of the mobility opportunities offered to professionals in the formal or non-formal education sectors and aims to enable them to improve their educational skills in an international environment. Job shadowing also offers the possibility to exchange teaching methods and tools, allowing to improve the education systems in the different European countries. The participants need contact their educational institution or organisation where they are employed or volunteer, since they responsible for making applications to send and receive professionals.


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The job shadowing is available for professionals who work with young people, including youth workers and teachers, this mean that only participants that fall into this category can take part. There is no limit on the number of job shadowing that each professional can take part in. Regarding age gap, there is no maximum age limit to carry out a job shadowing, but you should be at least over 18 years old.



Each shadowing job has a minimum duration of 2 consecutive days and a maximum duration of 2 months, excluding travel days.



The mobility opportunities through job shadowing can be done in the programme countries, which include the Member States of the European Union and the Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and the United Kingdom (until December 2020).



There are several types of support for mobility of youth workers, such as financial support to be calculated according to the country where the project is carried out and coverage of travel costs up to a maximum value defined by the distance between the country of departure and destination.



In order to apply for a job shadowing, it is necessary to contact the educational institution or organisation where you are employed, so that they can analyse the need and the impact of your participation in these mobility opportunities and then they will be the responsible one to make an application through the Erasmus+ platform.


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