International Internships

Living in another country is a very rewarding experience, as it allows you to develop multiple skills, learn a new language and experience a new culture. Would you like to start your career abroad or just experience a different professional atmosphere? If your answer is “yes“, this is the right page for you. Here you can find some programmes through which you can do a paid internships abroad in entreprises, organisations or even European institutions, bodies and agencies.

International Internships

The opportunities we announce on this page offer financial support, however the grants vary between programmes and countries of destination. We advise you to always confirm the type of support offered in each programme, as well as the requirements. To take part in some of the programmes bellow, you will have to contact your educational institution or association where you volunteer/ work, while for other opportunities you can search the best option for you and apply directly on their website.

Taking part in one of these programmes does not prevent participation in another, for example you can do an Erasmus internship after an internship with the European Solidarity Corps and finally spend a period abroad through Civiweb. This is only one of the options, but you have multiple and we will leave you to discover what suits you the best!

Erasmus+ Internships

Erasmus+ supports university students to carry out studies and internships abroad for up to 12 months per cycle.


ErasmusPRO supports VET learners (Vocational Education and Training) to do an internship abroad in their field.

Traineeships ESC

The ESC platform offers volunteer, internship and jobs opportunities to collaborate with multiple associations.

Job Shadowing

Erasmus+ promotes job shadowing experiences to improve the working tools of people who work with youngsters.


Civiweb supports nationals from EEA to carry out paid internships at French companies based around the world!


Eurodyssey allows young people from partner regions to you carry out an internship in another member region.

Internships at EU Institutions

There are several European Union institutions, bodies and agencies that promote paid internships every year in different European countries.

If you would like to know more about the work done by the European Union in a specific field and want to work in an international environment with a team of specialists, this is a great option.

Regardless of your age and university degree, come and see the options that exist, for sure you will find something suitable for your profile!

Jobs in Europe

It is not always easy to find international internships and jobs adapted to our goals.

If none the previous opportunities are not the best option for you, we advise you to visit the biggest employability platform in the EU, where you can find online events, talk with counselors, discover job opportunities and the work regulations.

You can also visit the websites of the enterprises that you would like to work with, since usually they have an employment page in their website.

F.A.Q International Internships

What international internship programme can I take part in if I don’t have an university degree yet?

Most of these internships are for young people with an university degree and VET learners. We advise you to consider taking part in international volunteering projects or short-term projects!

Can I do an Erasmus+ internship at an institution of the European Union?

No, internships in the institutions of the European Union have to be carried out through their own internship programmes.

What is the best option to do a mandatory internship during my degree?

If you want to do a mandatory internship abroad, the best option is the Erasmus+ internships and the EU Institutions also have an option to carry out mandatory internships.

What programmes are there to do an internship outside Europe?

You can do an internship outside Europe through Civiweb.

Can I do job shadowing if I am not working in an educational institution?

To take part in a job shadowing you have to work in an educational institution or association, because they are the ones who can apply to send and host participants.

Can I combine two programmes and do an internship and volunteer at the same time?

Yes, but it depends on the hours of work and the type of financing. You can not have double funding from Erasmus+, but you can take part in a Service Civique and an Erasmus+ Internship at the same time, since the funding sources are different.