Traveling is a very important tool for the personal development and the development of skills such as responsibility, autonomy and motivation. We believe that we are all travelers and the way we travel depends on our characteristics, dreams and goals – some people like to walk with their backpack and stop in different countries to volunteer, others prefer to travel while doing an semester in Erasmus and others transform a gap year in a few years’ project and take advantage of the most varied opportunities around the world.

As young people living in the European Union we have a lot of opportunities to integrate different projects and in the Youth Cluster you will find several opportunities that you can combine in order to make your trips more dynamic, less expensive and, in which you can define more educational and professional goals.

Travel Contests

In order to reduce the costs of an international trip, we have gathered some funding opportunities that you can apply to! The Youth Cluster’s team is always searching for new opportunities to keep the website updated. We advise you to follow our Facebook page where we will announce more opportunities and share when the applications period opens.


*Applications Closed*

DiscoverEU is an initiative that offers the opportunity for all young Europeans who turn 18 years old to discover Europe using sustainable transport (trains) to meet people from across the European continent and take advantage of the freedom of circulation. To take part you must be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union.

Road Trip Project

*Applications Closed*

The Road Trip Project is an initiative that aims to gather into groups a group of young Europeans that will travel a specific route across Europe in a van to visit projects different and take part in activities to be shared through photos, videos and articles. This project stated in 2018 and every year there are open calls for applications!


*Applications Closed*

Schwarzkopf Foundation offers different travel grants for young people between 18 and 27 years old living in a EU country, Turkey or Russia. The travels have a minimum duration of 2 weeks and maximum of 8 weeks, however these periods vary according to the travel grant you apply to. The application period opens on a yearly basis.

Zis Foundation

*Applications Closed*

Zis Foundation awards 600€ grants for young people between 16 and 20 years old. These grant allows the participants to make a travel plan to travel alone, choose their travel’s topic and destination country, where they will travel during at least 4 weeks, with no possibility to catch flights. No matter the destination country, the grant is the same!

Can you make it?

*Applications Closed*

The apply for the Red Bull, a group of three university students must make a video sharing why they should be selected. Red Bull will fly each selected team to one of the 5 starting points in Europe and the participants will not carry money, cards or personal phones. The currency carried by each team will be 24 red bull cans and the goal is to reach Berlin!

F.A.Q Travels

Is it possible to take a gap year with no money in savings?

Yes, it depends on your goals for a gap year, but you can do some financed internships, volunteer projects and short-term projects, which will allow you to travel to different countries, save some money and continue your gap year.

I would like to take a short trip, are there any contests for that?

Sometimes yes and when vacancies open, we will advertise, but for the moment we advise you to visit the short projects page.

I took part in #DiscoverEU, can I share my experience?

Of course, send us a message!

I am afraid to travel alone. Are the opportunities for groups?

There are so many travelers around the world that you will never be alone. You can apply to #discoverEU with a group and you can also visit our short-term projects page.

Can you help me with applying for a grant?

Applications have to be made by you and we cannot plan your trip, however if you have any questions you can visit our counseling page and we will try to help.

I need help planning my gap year! Can you help me?

Of course, you can check out the different opportunities, combine projects and contact us if you have any questions.